3 Updates From 2018 Miami Report Conference

The 2018 Miami Report was presented by Craig Studnicky, who is a Principal of our parent company ISG World celebrating 25 years in business. The below three updates are important to consider when selling and buying real estate in southeast Florida now. In addition, the report is included for your review and thoughts below.

Craig Studnicky ISG World 2018 Miami Report - Miami Beach Life Blog

Appreciation Rate of 229% Since Year 1993

During the past 25 years, since 1993, the Miami condo appreciation rate increased by 229% at a 9% average per year. The demand for southeast Florida lifestyle, continues to drive real estate prices up.

Demand and Sales Increase Result in Inventory Decrease

In addition, real estate inventory has decreased due to both demand and sales growth.

Culture and Economic Growth Drive Demand

The culture and economic growth trends in southeast Florida are driving increased demand to move to southeast Florida.

Reach and Rise Brickell City Centre Sales Team ISG World 2018 Miami Report

The Conference Sponsors are Reach & Rise Residences at Brickell City Centre and Swire Properties. The Media Sponsor is The Real Deal South Florida Real Estate News.

Brenda Leguisamo Miami Beach Life Blog Realtor ISG World 2018 Miami Report
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